About Dr. Michelle Neier

Photo of doctor Michelle Neier, in casual clothing, posed in front of a tree

My Roots

Dr. Neier empowers children and young adults with chronic diseases to harness their innate healing ability using her unique STORY™ method and guarantees to care for them like her own.

She is a pediatric integrative medicine physician who creates opportunities for children and young adults to help them thrive in mind, body and spirit.

Dr. Neier is Board Certified in Pediatrics and Pediatric Hematology/Oncology.  She is fellowship trained and board eligible in Integrative Medicine.

Medicine With Heart

Dr. Michelle Neier is one of few physicians in the NJ/NY area with experience and training in general pediatrics, pediatric hematology-oncology and integrative medicine. She is a lifelong learner.  Her path to integrative medicine has been a slow and steady one as she has searched for ways to support her patients and their families with struggles through both acute and chronic medical illnesses. She has been inspired by integrative medicine practitioners she has met in both her professional and personal journeys.

Dr. Neier loves to hear and become a part of peoples’ stories. We learn about people and how to better serve them by listening to their stories. Dr. Neier wants to learn about you as a whole person and walk beside you on your path to wellness. She recognizes that being a physician involves being a healer, not just treating a disease. There are no shticks or gimmicks at Olive Tree Integrative Health, simply attentive care with respect.  She wants to learn about the whole person and work with them to find the best way to healing and wellness.  

Story™ Method


Share Your Story: Much of healing occurs in storytelling. Your story is the one that matters the most. You will have the time you need to share your story including your past medical history, current state of wellness and most importantly who you are as a unique individual.


Talk About Your Goals: Verbalizing your goals transforms them into an opportunity and a reality.  By speaking out loud our wishes and plans, we are able to make them happen. Together we will create and set realistic goals and outline steps in order to fulfill them.


Open to Opportunity:  Your improved wellness is based on all the opportunities that we discover during your visit and all the steps you take after your visit. Opportunities may occur in the form of changing your diet, implementing lifestyles changes, taking supplements or other changes. Our visit together is just the first step toward being empowered to maximize your well-being.


Review and Refresh:  Just as our bodies, mind and spirit are constantly evolving, plans need to be reviewed, refreshed and reevaluated regularly to determine the goals and objectives that are the best fit for you today. We have to constantly reevaluate and listen to the next chapter in your story.


Your Wellness Improves! This is a journey that starts by telling your story. Along the way you will experience constantly improved wellness by following the steps above!